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World Muse is inspired by those who are working to create positive change in their lives and in our world. Over the past decade, we have hosted events that celebrate the work and amplify the voices of change makers. It has been an honor to share so many powerful voices, stories, and conversations. Check out some of the amazing presenters who have shared the Muse stage over the years.


Kerri Kelly

She/Her,TED Speaker, CTZN Podcast Host, Wellness Disruptor, Social Impact Designer

Janet Llerandi Gonzalez

Ella/She/They, 2 Spirited queer activist, elected official, disruptor & organizer

Wade Davis

Former NFL Player, Activist, Public Speaker

Valarie Kaur

Activist, Author, Documentary Filmmaker

Lauren Fleshman

Pro Athlete, Activist, Author, Co-Founder of Picky Bars

Mona Sinha

She/Her, Activist, Producer, Educator

April Bey

She/Her, Artist, Activist

Tony Hawk

Skateboard Icon, Activist, Entrepreneur

Carly Garzón Vargas

She/Her, Artist, Educator, Community Connector

Dr. Melody Moore

Psychologist, Activist, Founder of Embody Love Movement

Anis Mojgani

He/Him, Oregon Poet Laureate, Author, Artist

Jon Riggs

He/Him, Executive Direct, Founder, Citizen of the Yurok Nation

Lynne Twist

Author, Activist, Global Visionary

Shirin Ebadi

Nobel Laureate, Activist, Author

Pixie Lighthorse

She/Her, Healer, Activist, Writer

Amy Richards

Author, Activist, Producer, Co-Founder of Soapbox Inc and Feminist Camp

Rev Angel Kyodo Williams

Activist, Author

Nikki Myers

Activist, Founder of 12YSR

Erica Reilly

She/Her, In Service to Relationships + Culture + Community

Zainab Salbi

Humanitarian, media host, author, and founder of Women for Women International
Rita Schenkelberg

Rita Schenkelberg

They/Them, LPC, City Councilor, Community Builder

Sally Kohn

Activist, Commentator

Cecile Richards

Activist, Former Director of Planned Parenthood

Sadie Barnette

She/Her, Artist, Activist


Artist, Author. Activist

Matti Joy

She/Her, Eco-Socialist Musician

Carmen Perez

Activist, Co-Founder of The Woman’s March

Campbell Dixon

She/Her, Student, Activist, Community Builder

John Kish

He/Him, Horticulturist, Drag Queen, Actor/Director, Business Owner

Dr. Tererai Trent

Author, Public Speaker, Activist, “Oprah’s Favorite Guest of all Time”

Spring Alaska Schreiner (Upingaksraq)

She/Her, Owner/Principal Ecologist, Indigenous Agriculturalist

Halie Devlin

She/Her, Recovery Coach, Teacher


Artist, Activist

Judith Sadora

She/Her, Integrative & Liberation-Focused Practitioner

Marcus Legrand

He/Him, Activist, Board Member, Consultant, Success Coach

Tarana Burkę

Activist, Founder of Me Too Movement

Dr. Angela Davis

She/Her, Activist, Philosopher, Scholar, Author

Mumu Fresh (aka: Maimouna Youssef)

She/Her, GRAMMY-Nominated, Musical Ambassador for the US

Rainn Wilson

Actor, Activist

Paola Mendoza

Artist, Activist, Author, Co-Founder of Resistance Revival Choir

Donna Burklo

She/Her/Hers, Community free meal program director

Sister Simone

Activist, Radical Feminist Nun

Ruby Sales

She/Her, Human-rights Activist, Public Theologian, Social Critic,

Acosia Red Elk

She/Her, Champion Jingle Dress Dancer, Teacher, Activist

Shanan Kelley

She/Her, Entertainer, Writer, Comedian

Alex Simpson (aka: Deb Auchery)

She/Her, They/Them, Activist, Performance Artist

Myrlie Evers Williams

Civil Rights Activist, Former Chair of the NAACP

Jaylyn Suppah

She/Her, Founder, Community Activist

Mirna Valerio

Runner, Activist, Author

Maranda Pleasant

Artist, Activist, Founder of Mantra, Thrive, and Origin Magazines

Malik Friedman

He/Him, Musican, Activist, Student

David Merritt

Writer, Audio Engineer, Recording Studio Owner And Operator