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About World Muse

World Muse is inspired by the enormous potential of individuals to create positive change in their lives and in our world. We support that potential.



World Muse is a local community and global connecting point.

We amplify the visionaries, the game changers, and the trail blazers.

We support the teachers and the students, the role models and the rule breakers.

We stand with the creators and the disruptors.

World Muse is a space where we can all come together.

We are World Muse.

World Muse is you.


World Muse believes film is a powerful medium for highlighting social justice issues and amplifying the voices of those most directly impacted by them. We have partnered with Unlocked Films to produce a series of short films that inspire reflection, education, and action.

World Muse believes every voice should be heard.

Our Muse Video Library contains voices, stories, and conversations of countless change makers. Need a shot of inspiration? Take a listen today.

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